lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

The Internet ends?

Is the Internet access to change in the future? What's going to happen in the next years?. Today my friend Eldridge sent me this information by e-mail.

In my opinion, Internet as a commercial tool won't be a business if the users must pay fees for join in it. The marketing will suffer an important crack because to have free access to all contents makes the Net as the most important market in the world open to everyone.

Interesting link

3 comentarios:

Eldridge dijo...

I must agree with you, Pepa. Business is not that stupid that it will support the IP's from destroying the historic reason for the Internet. El

Frank dijo...

I hope the Internet don't change I like the way it is now

Ian dijo...

It is interesting but I dont think they will charge for the Net because of all the money that advtisers put in to it.