domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

The controversial Nobel Peace Prize

Never has a Nobel Peace Prize been discussed so much. The Swedish Academy has touched a chord with the public opinion in the global village. The reactions have been so predictable and unpredictable that the award is taken by the United States president, Barak Obama.

His critics have not hesitated for a moment to take this opportunity to sow the seeds of discouragement and dump their harsh criticisms against a man who, since coming to power, has radically changed the way we do politics. We've gone from a "Bush State of War" to the era of dialogue for peace.

Obama means hope. Hope that many Americans have placed in someone who is without arms and flag, who has shown a clear willingness to want to change the world.

The Norwegian Institute distinguishes his "efforts by multilateral diplomacy" and its " vision of a world without nuclear weapons." But Obama is much more, representing light in the dark after having lived for many years in complete ostracism.

This award is in recognition for those who have voted in their country, who in the world to believe in him and his convictions. He himself understands "a call to action" as an incentive to address conflicts that has had humanity bleeding for decades and the new threats every day which renew the risk of a catastrophe.

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John dijo...

pepa i read your article on president obama it was very good lets hope he can continue his good work