miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

#DayWithoutTwitter for #PressFredom

The sound of silence for #Wikileaks #DayWithoutTwitter for freedom of the press |#PressFreedom #freeassange. In this way I ended yesterday my Twitter session. All this hashtags and others for suporting Wikileaks are those days in Internet.

The dream of freedom through the network represented by Wikileaks goes beyond what our imagination can encompass. While Julian Assange is arrested in London on social networking sites people are using the silence to cry out against the system that seeks to censor the truth. However, coercion by the powers that enhances and expands the echo of the injustices that society observes stunned.

The world is crumbling before our eyes but we are fighting every day. Today we are informed. The information is indeed power, but now the power is ours. Citizens become activists. Freedom is the cornerstone of our system of coexistence and we, the people, are the owners and for this reason we must defend it. We should uphold our values and allow any power underestimate.

I show my support to Julian Assange because I want back the dream of freedom .I've recovered the post published in August in connection with Wikileaks.

Champagne day for the freedom

Seldom can celebrate small victories for freedom of expression. Today is one of those champagne day that, if it would be versioned soundtrack by Van Morrison, and, of course, would be Days Like This. I want to reflect on the news I read on the net on Wikileaks.

Despite criticism of its lack of transparency, the website, founded by Australian journalist, Julian Assange, highlights, with documented evidence uncomfortable for certain government information. I wonder what they think of a tool like it Il cavaliere after embarrassing gag rule, which limits the use and dissemination of wiretapping in the official research.

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Francis Wilson USA New York dijo...

I think the man should be put to death also the American who sent this to the web site. These people are looking to undermind my country. All this info puts americans working for my goverment at risk. Also the usa milltary.

Are you going to be still be happy when inocent people are killed? Not just Americans are at risk. This man even put out papers where the people we helped are at risk in Iraq and Afganistan.

I am very happy he was caught. I hope he gets tried for treason in a milltary court of law. If he gets convicted of treason he can face the death penalty. I hope you know my goverment is looking at what charges to bring on the American if someone is killed, because of these leaks. He can face the death penalty for this I hope it happens.

I stronly beleive in freedom of speach everybody should have a voice but when it hurts people like this then its very bad.

Anónimo dijo...

Wow! ¡Gracias! Siempre quise escribir en mi sitio algo así. ¿Puedo tomar parte de tu post en mi blog?

Pepa Martorell dijo...

Los contenidos de esta página están sindicados bajo una licencia Creative Commons. Se pueden usar siempre que no se haga con fines comerciales y se cite al autor.

Muchas gracias por tu consideración hacia el texto. Estoy encantada de saber que te ha gustado. Un saludo.